Are Earth + ember products safe during pregnancy?
Yes. The only oil to avoid during pregnancy is Clary Sage due to possibility of bringing on contractions therefore avoiding use of Earth + ember blends that contain Clary Sage is recommended . It is always a good idea to consult with your obstetrician, midwife or doctor and let them know that you are using essential oils. 

Are Earth + ember products safe during breastfeeding? 
Yes. It is recommended to avoid any blends that contain Peppermint oil as it may decrease milk supply. All other blends are safe to use especially our "Mama Milk" blend which is purpose designed to support lactating women. 

Will the products suit all age groups?
Dilution ratio will be dependent on your child's age. Please specify your Little ones age at check out so I can ensure the ratio is suitable and safe for your Little.

Are Earth + ember products only designed for Mums and Children?
No. Essential oil products are for everyone, my collections were just designed with motherhood in mind. I have several friends and family members who are not mothers or children that have used these blends with the Immunity, Sleep and Calm blends being the most popular.

Are these products safe to use on mine and my children's skin?
The purity of the essential oils used in Earth + ember products ensures their safety. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality and diluted with all-natural fractionated coconut oil.

Some blends contain oils that may cause UV sensitivity so are not recommended to be applied to areas that will have sun exposure within 12 hours. 
With these blends please apply to an area that it covered by clothing.
- Little Itches
- Happy Little's
- Little Immunity
- Little Cough's
- Little Sniffles
- Little Tummies
- Mamas Immune
I have specified in each product description if UV sensitivity may apply 
If you are concerned about the use of sun sensitive oils, please consult your doctor before use.

Does diluting them in a carrier oil affect the effectiveness of the oils? 
No, the use of a carrier oil does not dilute the effectiveness of the essential oils but will ensure that oils applied to the skin are not irritating or overpowering. 

Can I use blends from the Earth Mama range on my children? 
No, This is due to the dilution ratios. The ratio of essential oils to carrier oil is much higher for adults to ensure effectiveness and therefore too strong to use on your Little ones skin. 

I have a specific need that I cant see a blend available for. Do you do custom orders?
Definitely. I am always happy to help and create a blend to suit your needs if possible. Please contact me via Email, Instagram or Facebook prior to purchase and we can tailor make some oily goodness just for you!


When and how often do I apply the blends?
The time and frequency of application varies from once a day to as often as needed dependent on the blend. On each blend description I have specified application instructions. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me.

Where do I apply the blends?

There are many effective places to apply Earth + ember blends such as:

  1. Forehead, neck, and temples (Mama's Calm, Calm Littles)
  2. Base of the skull (Happy Little's)
  3. Abdomen (Mama's Monthly, Little Tummies, Fertile Mama)
  4. Chest & Back (Little Coughs)
  5. Spine (Calm Littles)
  6. The soles of the feet (Little Immunity, Mama's Immune, Mama's Sleepy, Sleepy Little's, Little Sniffles, Little Dreams, Little Cpughs
  7. Face (Little Teeth, Little Sniffles)
  8. Directly to the affected area (Little Itches, Mamas Milk)

    On each blend description I have specified the most effective area to apply the blend.

Is Earth + ember a part of any other companies?
No, Earth + ember is an independent small business small business with no affiliations to large corporate companies or sales and marketing teams - just a solo mama with a passion for making natural products from the comfort of my West Coast home. 

** I am a student Nurse/Midwife and not a medical professional. If you have any concerns please consult your GP before use.