About Us

Earth + ember.

Made by Mama's, for all Earth lovers
Now, as for this Mama: Just 2 years ago I was a carefree 20 something Jodie exploring the world: diving oceans and climbing mountains, taking only memories; until my life did a 180.
Little did I know, when I climbed that last mountain, I would have a surprise passenger: Isaac Maxwell.
My partner and I anxiously awaited the arrival of our biggest adventure to date. Oh and what an adventure we had.
Full to the brim with love, laughter, joy and... sleep deprivation.
We struggled to settle Isaac into a sleep routine due to his adorable array of digestive troubles and as a result we all struggled.
Until, Isaac's Aunty Jo suggested I reconnect with my more natural side through essential oils and aromatherapy.
Well, thanks Aunty Jo!
Essential oils helped ease our journey and continue to contribute to our recipe for a happy, calm and healthy home in a way that allows us to also do our part in ensuring our earth is around for future generations to enjoy!
I've decided I want to share the blends that helped my family so much with like-minded mamas: environmentally conscious and in need of a good nights sleep!
These collections are close to my heart. Purpose designed to soothe your little one and rejuvenate you in the moments you need them most.

From this, Earth + ember was born.
But I have a sneaky feeling this journey really began at the top of Mount Prau.
Earth + ember hand pours each blend using only 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils and ingredients to ensure the safe and effective use for your family. 
** I am a student Nurse/Midwife and not a medical professional. If you have any concerns please consult your GP before use.
***Earth + ember is an independent small business with no affiliations to large corporate companies or sales and marketing teams - just a solo mama with a passion for making natural products from the comfort of my West Coast home.