Fourth Trimester Essentials kit

Fourth Trimester Essentials kit


SLEEPY MAMA - because sometimes your brain will convince you it's necessary to stay awake while your baby is sleeping to check on them every 2 minutes or to just stare at their amazing little features. You need sleep Mama!

ENERGY- because some days you will feel so exhausted that you cant possibly imagine making it through another day of feeding, changing, rocking and worrying. 

MAMA'S MILK - because in my experience, feeding your baby may be one of the hardest experiences of your life and we can use all the help we can get. This blend can be swapped for any other blend in our collection if you are not breastfeeding. Either way, you're amazing. 

LOVE YOURSELF - because some days you might need a reminder that you are FUCKING FABULOUS! 


You've got this Mama. Even in those times you feel like you don't. You're incredible and your child is so damn lucky to have you.